A marketing department needs to understand how a variety of marketing tactics can come together to yield amazing results for a brand. As an outsourced marketing department, SwiftCricket has the expertise to execute many marketing services, giving our clients the benefit of a single source solution for boosting marketing efforts.  

Event Management

We help our clients host successful events.  From venue coordination and invitation creation, to planning decor and designing presentation materials, to sourcing thank you gifts and managing follow up - we sweat the details so you don't have to. 

Copy Writing

Sometimes it's hard to tell your own story.  Our professional copy writers help to put the benefits you offer forward and highlight your unique selling points to help you make an impact with your target audience.

Campaign Management

Good marketing efforts often combine multiple parts. Having SwiftCricket quarterbacking all aspects of a marketing effort helps ensure those parts are all fitting together and lining up to create a smooth and effective marketing campaign. 

Vendor & Media Management

We can coordinate with media outlets, printers, promotional items providers and other vendors so that you don't have to. You save time by having one point of contact who will gather quotes, arrange for deliveries and stay on top of timelines, and because we work with a number of different vendors with multiple clients, you benefit from our relationships with them to receive preferred pricing and faster production times.  

Pay-Per-Click Management

Develop an advertising strategy to speak to digital audiences who are actively seeking and interested in your brand and to convert them using smart bidding, strong relevancy, targeted landing pages and engaging ads.  Continue to monitor and refine the campaign so that your dollars are working smarter and harder for you to help you achieve better conversion rates.  


Video can be an effective tool to getting your message across in the most memorable and engaging way.  Whether you're focused on building your YouTube channel or want to supplement your web content or want to advertise online or on television, we can help you create effective video messages.

Web Design

SwiftCricket is known for strategic, responsive web design.  We start our website design thinking about site goals and user experience, and use that to drive the site structure.  Then we apply the brand look - colors, fonts, logos and messaging - over that structure so that our clients have sites that perform well and look fantastic.  We specialize in customizing wordpress giving clients a unique brand look on a free content management platform, allowing them to make many site updates themselves. We can also continue to provide support after launch and can host your web site as well.  


Email marketing is not only a cost effective marketing tactic, it's also one that can yield strong results.  Whether your aim is brand engagement or customer support or generating interest or increasing sales, we can help you put together an email marketing strategy that makes sense for your goals.  We have a low cost email blasting software that we can offer for your use, and we also work with leading email blasting systems like Mail Chimp and Constant Contact. 

Social Media

Social media is an important channel for many businesses, but without someone helping to manage your presence and create engaging content, you're not fulling taking advantage of the medium and you are risking looking more out of date or out of touch than not having a presence at all. Let SwiftCricket help you maintain regular brand messaging across those social media channels, and ensure that you have a consistent, relevant social presence.

Print Design

Magazines, brochures, print ads, post cards, handouts, posters - we design them all with a focus on emphasizing your important messages and highlighting your brand feel.  See our graphic design work.

Direct Mail

Need someone to design and manage your direct mail campaign? From creating the mailer content and design to list sourcing to coordinating with the printer and mailing fulfillment house, let SwiftCricket handle the hassles of a direct mail campaign while you reap the results. 


With SwiftCricket managing the photography for your marketing needs, you'll have the benefit of a designer who knows your brand and marketing material styles on site.   That ensures you'll get the shots necessary to give you the images that are going to best fit your brand needs.