Swift & Flexible

Good marketing moves fast.  You need to have absolute confidence that your marketing team will be responsive, will understand your brand and will work to support your marketing needs. That's why we take a tailored approach to help each Client in the way that will work best for their company.

We fit in where you need us - whether that’s a specific campaign, or a specific tactic, or more comprehensive support

We work with you to be as collaborative as possible. We value regular communication, we work well with other vendors, and we care more about a job well done than about our own ego.

We help you take a look at results and to offer insights and options for continually moving you closer to your goals.

Why Choose SwiftCricket Marketing?

We're the clear choice because we're talented, we're committed and we get results. See our work for yourself. Or contact us for a further conversation to learn more, and we'll give you references from satisfied clients.  

15 years of
industry experience

Skilled in both traditional marketing & emerging tactics

Achieved marketing goals for clients in multiple industries

Invested in long term
client relationships

Fee Structure

We can quote on a project basis, on an hourly basis or on a retainer basis.

Project: Flat rate based on agreed upon project specifications.

Hourly: Just call and get it done. Hourly rates start at $100/hour

Retainer: Preferred hourly rate for bulk reservation. Discounts up to 20% depending on hours reserved.